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All The Gospel

All The Gospel

Took a while, but I finally got the front page in a form that I liked.
Looking forward to critique and info on adding more.


Uganda Crusades Fall 2000

In the area of the city of Namulesa with some of the Lords family.
Lots of pastors from the Church in Uganda, city of Jinga
Crusade in the city market place.
Great to share Jesus.
A great family

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Off to be dedicated

This is me. I am being held by my great grandmother Gookin standing next to my grandmother and my sister. Mom took the shot. Basically 4 generations of A/G standing around there.

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Built To Last

How do you perceive things? What is your world like? If your world was tall and skinny, would there be any short wide doors. We build and create based on what we our. Art breaks us out of that box, but for the most part we build and we create based on a set of weights and measures relative to what we experience. God set this pattern in the begining when He made man. Genesis 1:26-27 tells us it was relative to His form and likeness. God is eternal. Learn the attributes of our Lord and our Creator as He shares with us in His Holy Word the Bible.

Book of Numbers

I am awestruck how reading the Word of God over again (book of Numbers)
has made such an impact on my life. Once you have read and retained
great parts of the New Testament scriptures, you really need to go back
and have a detailed study of the OT again. Doing this for about the
10th+ time has made an incredible impact on my understanding of what God
was fore-shadowing to happen in the days we live in now. I have taken
some notes during my 2 chapter a day reading plan and hope to have them
published on this blog in the next few weeks. I encourage you to just
start reading a few chapters a day. If you are a new believer or do not
know the salvation of Jesus, start with the book of John and then the
other Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) then Acts and the rest of the NT.
Once completed (and received into your spirit), you will have a great
foundation set to understand the OT scriptures and receive the message
that God has been speaking since the foundation of His creation.

Blog Talk Radio

This one is going to be fun. In addition to sharing the Wor of God, you will be able to interact with as many folk as wish to call in. Watch out though, it is a 718 area code. So you need to have a calling plan that does not hit you with a big charge after a 30 min show.

Two Laws

The law of the Lord that brings life is greater than the law of death that we were born under and which reigned over us. We overcome that law through Christ.
You can also listen to this at also.