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United With Christ At All Costs

II Samuel 11
We see a rich illustration of the believer and Christ in a story that makes one wonder about its place in God’s Word. But God uses the foolish things to confound the wise.
For Bathsheba and David to be together, her husband Uriah had to die. How awesome that in this tale of adultery and deceit that God can illustrate the extreme necessity of the believers need to be un-joined from this world: quite literally it be dead to him and he dead to it.
Many people argue that these types of stories are included in the Bible to show its impartiality, that may be one of God’s intended purposes; but the total focus of every Word, every story, every commandment is to point us to Jesus. There are many awful (sad and extreme) cases; think about Abraham following Sarah’s word to cast out the bondwoman and her son, that he would have no inheritance with Issac: the seed of promise.

Break this story down

David sees Bathsheba washing on the roof top
He calls for her (she is brought to him)
She is joined to and must be separated from another before they can legally be together (Uriah must die)
Bathsheba is finally brought to be with him for the duration of his time (Son born is Solomon:next King)

The Lord is attracted to us when He see us us setting our hearts to doing His will. We prepare and come to Him. Look at the example of Rebekah and Issac: the 10 virgins. We must be separated from this world. We will have a final place with Him forever.

How did it feel to Bathsheba when some one came to her door and said the King has summoned you, he wants you.

Believer in Christ; the King wants you. He wants you to fellowship with Him now and forever.


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