All The Gospel

Because God’s Word is the most important thing to discuss.

All Eyes on Jesus

Matthew 8:5-7
Matthew 14:28-32
Genesis 3:6
Deuteronomy 6:6-9
Mark 7:6-8
Joshua 1:8


All The Gospel Video List

This is a link to all the videos I have published on google video. I pray that they can guide you into a closer walk and love of the Lord through the hearing of His Word.

About Knowing God

Roman Road Message

Two Laws

Prophets, Priests, Kings

I Have Come For Your Soul

Paths To Destruction

Bible Trumps Satan

How God Measures Success

Paving The Way For Anti-Christ

Built To Last

Magi not at the Manger

Visit from the Mormons

Rapture : Bible Study

Parable of the 10 virgins

Spiritual Shaking

Hell Was Not For Man

On 23 Minutes in Hell Testimony

Gods Word is Eternal

Recipe for a Miracle

An Altar God will Accept

Revealing Satans Attacks

Once Saved Keep Saved

Let Jesus Change You

Prophets Priests Kings

God is preparing us now to move into the next place He has prepared for us. I exhort you to be in the Word and let God speak into your life. His Word can transform your mind and bring you to the next level. His Word is filled with the acts of prophets, priests, and kings. This is the mind set that the Lord wants us to walk in. This life is just our training ground. Look at Moses and David. Starting at shepherd and quickly rising to lead the nation of Israel (millions). This is the place God wants to promote every believer into. Reading and obeying His Word is the path to take that will transform us into the express likeness of His Son; Christ our Lord. This first life in our mortal bodies is like a vapour James 4:14, but the eternal life to follow with the Lord is dependant on our our relationship with Him now.

All The Gospel

All The Gospel

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Uganda Crusades Fall 2000

In the area of the city of Namulesa with some of the Lords family.
Lots of pastors from the Church in Uganda, city of Jinga
Crusade in the city market place.
Great to share Jesus.
A great family

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Off to be dedicated

This is me. I am being held by my great grandmother Gookin standing next to my grandmother and my sister. Mom took the shot. Basically 4 generations of A/G standing around there.

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Built To Last

How do you perceive things? What is your world like? If your world was tall and skinny, would there be any short wide doors. We build and create based on what we our. Art breaks us out of that box, but for the most part we build and we create based on a set of weights and measures relative to what we experience. God set this pattern in the begining when He made man. Genesis 1:26-27 tells us it was relative to His form and likeness. God is eternal. Learn the attributes of our Lord and our Creator as He shares with us in His Holy Word the Bible.